Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TDI Instructor courses dates for 2012 Malta/Gozo

Instructor Trainer " Tom Steiner van den Ouweelen "

May 2012

13th to 19th of May Intro to Tec and Advanced Nitrox Instructor course
20th to 26th of May Decompression Procedures Instructor course

June 2012

10th to 16th of June Extended Range Instructor course
17th to 23rd of June Advanced Trimix Instructor course

July 2012

15th to 21st of June Intro to Tec and Advanced Nitrox Instructor course
22nd to 28th of June Decompression Procdures Instructor course

August 2012

5th to 11th of August Extended range Instructor course
12th to 18th of August Trimix Instructor course

September 2012

16th to 22nd of September Decompression Procedures Instructor course
23rd to 29th of September Extended Range Instructor course

October 2012

7th to the 13th of October Advanced Nitrox Instructor course
14th to the 20th of October Advanced Trimix Instructor course

Novembre 2012

11th to the 17th of Novembre Decompression Procedures Instructor course
18th to the 24th of Novembre Technical Sidemount Instructor course

Decembre 2012

9th to the 15th of Decembre Advanced Nitrox Instructor course
16th to the 22nd of Decembre Technical Sidemount Instructor course

If those dates are not convenient for you please let us know, we are flexible as we run TDI Instructor courses on a monthly basis.

TDI Intro to Tec and Advanced Nitrox Instructor course price is : 590 euros

TDI Advanced Nitrox Instructor course price is : 390 euros
TDI Decompression Procedures Instructor course price is : 490 euros  
TDI Extended range Instructor course price is : 650 euros 
TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor course price is : 1300 euros
TDI Technical Sidemount Instructor is : 480 euros

Please note that these courses can also be done on Sidemount configuration for those already qualified on Sidemount.

If you need any further information please let us know.

We teach in : English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch

email : tom@gozotechnicaldiving.com

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