Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10'000 logged dives for Tom Steiner

Very nice day today and a very special one also, made my 10'000 dive today with some special people, Lorenzo Cervera, Audrey Cudel, Sven Boirel, Gerd Merkle, Sergey Gorpinyuk and Andrey from Subway DC in Malta on the HMS Stubborn, due to current conditions, it took us alsmost 12 minutes to find the wreck, we spent around 3 minutes on it but still we saw it :-), 57 meters depth, RT 60 minutes.

10'000 dives = 13000 hours underwater
541 days underwater :-) = 1.48 years
around 26'000'000 liters of gas
Thats a Bauer compressor P700 running for 619 hours!

Thanks to all for that special day, I loved it :-)

I dedicate all these dives to some close lost friends, Volkart Spahr, Brigitte Lenoir, Gerald Vuillemier, Ismail Marzouk, Thierry, Jordi Mateo, Mikalea Sjolin, they have been part of these dives and they get the honor of them. Miss them a lot...

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