Monday, April 29, 2013

Diving Pressure gauge transmitters, why you should not use them! THEY ARE DANGEROUS!

Today I was showing to one of my students all the weak points of a Pressure gauge transmitter and that he should not use them in any case, as he had 2 of them. When I put the transmitter under pressure, a small amount of air was coming out of the overpressure valve on the top and 6 seconds later the all thing exploded...and cut my finger...lucky me only the finger...could have been worth or imagine this happening underwater! So why did this happen? well after having a close look at the transmitter it seems that the humidity that gets trapped in a regulator, and you will always have that...started corroding the battery that leaked a bit and made the all transmitter corrode and probably the over pressure valve not work correctly....and the result was obvious that when I opened the valve and the pressure entered the first stage and the transmitter it just blew into pieces! so moral of the story, these transmiters are gadgets, dangerous and useless. I always say that and will remain firm DONT USE THEM!