Saturday, May 17, 2014

Helium price for divers dropped this year :-) in Gozo/Malta

Good News for the Tec divers coming to us, after some negotiation and having a new Helium Supplier now, I could reajust the prices of Helium and they are now going to drop from 0.048 euros per liter to 0.037 euros per liter hope you are happy and we believe that safe diving is still the key of a great dive. I have changed the prices on the website with some standard gases but still need to change the PDF, it will be done by tonight. Hope that this will make some divers happy :-)
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 PRICE LIST GASES (Standard Gases) includes the air toping and Oxygen

Twin 12 Liters at 200 bars+  filled with

EAN 32%       :      8 euros
Helitrox 30/30 :    57 euros
Helitrox 35/25 :    49 euros
Trimix    21/35 :    63 euros
Trimix    18/45 :    81 euros
Trimix    15/60 :  108 euros
Trimix    10/80 :  143 euros

Deco Gases includes the cylinder rental :

Nitrox 50%       :       9 euros
Oxygen             :      15 euros

During courses all gases are included in the course price. (Instructor and Student)
If you are doing guided dives the cost of Helium and the deco gases for the Instructor or guide is to be shared among the Tec divers.

Price of Helium per liter is : 0.037 euros
Price of the Helium per liter for unguided Tec dives is : 0.037 euros
Any other gases are available if you wish, just let us know and we will blend it for you.

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