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TDI Cavern, Intro to cave and Full cave Evaluator in Malta

Sidemount and Backmount diving education in Malta and Gozo

Um El Farud Wreck Malta/Gozo with Gozo Technical Diving

A day out diving on Sidemount :-)

TDI Trimix Instructor Course in Gozo/Malta

Helium price for divers dropped this year :-) in Gozo/Malta

Malta/Gozo diving at the Blue Hole with GozoTechnical Diving (Touristic Promotional Video) to promote the Island of Gozo

INNERSPACE Explorers training available here in Gozo/Malta

Cenote The Pit with Gozo Technical Diving

Hells Bells

Cenote 'Xulo" with Gozo Technical Diving, Mexico

Cenote Taj Mahal

Cenote Taj Mahal

Cenote "Angelita, the paralell Universe " near Tulum with Gozo Technical...