Saturday, April 25, 2015

How to properly configure your light canister on a sidemount system (tecsidemount)

Just finished customizing my XDeep Sidemount Harness, I developped a pocket behind to hold the light canister inside, its fixed on the harness and stitched on it in the inner side, you just drop the canister in the pocket, route the cable of the lamp over your shoulder through a small bungee and to the front D-ring and after that put the wing on top. Its clean, no more cable that is hanging and its protected by the wing. For your sidemount and tecsidemount setup.

Friday, February 13, 2015

A simple guide to cave diving navigation protocols

This is a comprehensible guide about cave diving navigation protocols based on practical dives done in different caves and countries around the world.You will find a clear explanation on how to use Arrows, Cookies and REM. All explanation come with a clear graphic so it makes it easier to understand. You should ask and seek local advice of a local cave Instructor or cave diver and get informed. You should also seek proper training by an EXPERIENCED and active cave Instructor before engaging into caves!
We wish you safe cave dives.
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Tom Steiner presents the minimal loop bungee for sidemount diving

The Sidemount Minimal loop bungee by Tom Steiner I wanted to share this new technique that I tested lately on myself and on a student. Try a...