Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stealing Pictures and Illegal use of them on the website BLACK LIST

Middle picture is by AUDREY CUDEL

Wreck Picture is by SUBWAY divecenter in Malta and the wreck is the ROZY 
that is located in Malta.

This is a reminder to the people, business and Instructors that use pictures to promote their website that they should ask permission for that and pay for the pictures.

In this case, have and are still using pictures that do not belong to them and that they have copied from the internet and removed the copyright of the picture. François Bizier Brière should take notice of it and even having removed one picture he did neither apologize or pay for the picture. This unprofessional behavior is not the first time but we also have our tools to defend us. 
Now Mr. François Bizier Brière is the

and of playa del carmen condos:

If I would be you I would go through all his profiles and websites to check if not one of your picture is on it and BOYCOTT his business! Its unprofessional and very narrow minded.
I will remove this article if I get an apology and the money for the picture that has been used.


Here is our new website GOZOTECHNICALDIVING

Hope you will enjoy the new look of it.

Gozo Technical Diving Malta

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